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"Act your a$$ off, Sid", Sid tells his little brother. That same morning a hungry Sid, upset because he's had no breakfast, yells at his mother and then takes off with her credit card. "Hurry up Sid. You're gonna be late for school." But Sid doesn't care, because he doesn't want to go to school, he wants to go to the movies. Sid explains his rationale to his mother: "I wanna see that movie where the main guy looks like that movie star, George Clooney. Everybody says he's the best-looking guy in the world. Mom, I don't think you know your own son." Sid is correct in his assessment of his mother's ignorance. Martha Kent (Oprah Winfrey) has no clue that her son is actually a bad seed, a mean, rotten, unrepentant delinquent with a propensity for lying and stealing. But Martha Kent is not alone in her ignorance, nor in her failure to recognize her son for the lowlife he is. When father (Anson Williams) and mother realize that their teenage son has just lost his wallet and college savings, they worry about his fate. No matter that Sid has dropped out of high school and lives with his mother. No matter that Sid steals and lies constantly. No matter that he is a weak, disorganized, selfish, and unprincipled sneak who routinely trashes his home and, by default, his mother's. No matter that he is a habitual user of his mother's credit card for all the things he likes to buy—the jeans he wears, the jacket he wears, the drinks he drinks, the meals he eats, the dinner he eats. And no matter that all his life he has depended on his mother's charity and love, and spent his entire life abusing her emotionally, financially, and spiritually, and treating her like a slave. No matter that Sid has little to offer except his love, and she has much to offer only her love and her willingness to accept him as he is. Watching Sid, we recognize ourselves, so we can understand and relate to him. But we can only relate to him as we relate to ourselves, as we relate to our own family or friends, and we only relate to others with like characteristics, with our own personal human reactions and actions. And we relate to him as we relate to our own inner circle, our own family of friends and associates, as we relate to all the society



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